Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mike Modano

Mike Modano (2-2)
RECEIVED: 4-26-12
ADDY: C/O Home

When i got this TTM back I right away compared it to a certified based on when Modano was playing there was some proof of a ghost signer.  But in comparing this auto to a certified one I feel pretty good about this return and based on he was no longer in hockey when he signed this helps also. I guess i'll never know for sure.

Mike Modano the american born center was taken first overall in the 1988 draft by the Minnesota North Stars.  Modano played in 8 All-Star Games and won the Cup with Dallas in 1999.  Modano finished his career with over 500 goals and over a 1000 career points.  Mike was always a Fan Favorite with the people of Minnesota while the North Stars were still the located in the North.  Both cards returned in great time and both were great shape one had a little smudge but still a great return.  Thank you Mr. Modano.  


  1. yea i compared it to his certified and his known fakes and it really does look like the certified ones. While looking at the sigs for him, the easiest way to see the difference is in the M's i thought. Thanks for looking !