Joey Votto 1-1
Received 7-16-12
74 days days 
C/O Reds

David Murphy 1-1
Received 7-5
C/O Rangers

Kent Hrbek 1-1
Received 6-13
9 days
C/O Home

Wade Boggs !!!

Received 5-8
6 days
C/O Home 

Chris Iannetta
Received 6-7
34 days
C/O Angels 

Mark Buehrle 1-1
Received 6-1
28 days
C/O Marlins

Jon Rauch 1-1
Received 6-1-12
32 days
C/O Mets 

Matt Harrison 1-1 
Received 6-1-12
32 days
C/O Rangers

Mike Leake 1-1
Received 5-25-12
26 days
C/O Reds

Good young pitcher in the Red's rotation.  ASU alum 

Gordon Beckham 1-1
Received 5-24-12
25 days
C/O Whites Soxs

Beckham solid ball player known for being a hustle player.  Great college career at Georgia .

Steve Gravey 1-1
Received 5-11-12
4 days
C/O Home

MR Clean. HOFer more all-stars and gold gloveS to count. Great return from onE the of the best.

Jason Motte 1-1
Received 5-16-12
9 days
C/O Cards

Closer for the World Series Champs.  One of the better closers in the game right now

Zach Brittion 1-1
Received : 5-7
61 days
C/O O's ST

Nice rookie year, Started on the DL this year. Zach has is a big time prospect 

Ryan Dempster
20 days

Nice return from a class act.  Both cards turned out great!

Johnny Damon 3-3
Received : 5-11
Total Days: 9

Johnny Damon was one of my favorite players growing up and one of the more popular players in the MLB during the the early 2000's.  Johnny is currently with the Indian's.  Johnny has been a 2 time All-Star along with winning two World Series.  This is a great return. Thank you Mr. Damon.

Bob Doerr
1 month
C/O Home

This guy is a Legend in the Boston Red Sox's Organization. This Man was a 9 x All-Star and has his number 1 retired with one of the most historic franchises in the game.  Mr. Doerr signed and inscribed all three of my items (2 8x10s and a refractor) "9 x All-Star" and "HOF 86".  Great return with two inscriptions with is unusual for his returns. Thank you Mr. Doerr.

Luis Gonzalez
14 days
C/O: D-Backs

Luis Gonzalez was one of my favorite players and a World Series Yankee Slayer!  Luis is currently coaching with the D-Backs the organization that retired his number.  This was a great return, both photos were signed perfect.  Thank you Mr. Gonzalez.

Dana Kiecker
2 weeks
C/O foundation

This was a return that I got for my father.  These two played together and my father also coach Dana.  Dana pitched in the 1990 AL Championship for the Soxs and was awarded Rookie of the year for the organization in 1990.  This will be a great gift for the old man.  Thanks Dana.

Ryan Dempster
Email Sent
2 weeks

Ryan Dempster the 2 time all-star sent me this 8x10 along with a certificate of authentication.  Ryan Dempster has been one of my favorite pitchers of all time.  The Canadian is not only known for his on the field for his great play but also known for giving back to his fans and community.  Thank you Mr. Dempster

Jon Axford (1-1)
Date sent: 3-9-12
Date Received: 4-9-12
Total Days: 1 Month
Addy: Brew Crew S/P

Jon Axford.  Known for his throwback style or facial hair.  Jon was a big help for the Brewers on the there run last year.  Jon last year in my opinion set himself as one of the predominate big time closers in the MLB.  The card came back in perfect shape.  Thank you Mr. Axford.

Travis Snider (1-2)
Date sent: 3-6-12
Date Received: 4-5-12
Total Days: 30 !!
Addy: Jays S/P

Travis Snider the 14th overall pick in the 2006 draft is a outfield prospect for the Blue Jays that has been up and down between the Jays and their AAA affiliate.  Snider did not make opening day roster for the Jays this year but the 24 year old still has a lot of potential and is a valuable assent to the Toronto organization.  Thanks Mr. Snider

Joe Nathan (3-3)
Date sent: 3-8-12
Date Received: 4-2-12
Total Days: 23 !!
Addy: Tex S/P

Joe Nathan currently with the Rangers.  Best Known for all the great years he gave the Twins in being one of the best closers in the league.  Joe was one of my all time favorite Twin.  I was really sad to see him leave MN.  Joe is a multiple All-Star and was a class act in the Minnesota Community.  He signed all three! Joe has a great signature (Its a MN Harmon Killebrew RIP thing).  All cards came back great! Thank you Mr. Nathan.

Mike Cameron (1-1)
Date sent: 3-7-12
Date Received: 3-30-12
Total Days: 10 !!
Addy: Home

This is a nice return from the Three time gold glove winner.  Mike once hit four home runs in one game and a 2001 all-star.  The return came back in great shape and sent and returned in a top loader!  Nice Signature and great return.. Thank a-lot Mr. Cameron.

Octavio Dotel (1-1)
Date sent: 3-7-12
Date Received: 3-28-12
Total Days: 21
Addy: Tigers S/T

Octavio Dotel, chances are he has probably played for your favorite team some time in his career since he came into the MLB in 1999.  Octavio now share the record of most teams played with in a career at 12.  Dotel won a World series ring last year with the Cards and is now currently hurling for the Tigers who this year really made some big off season moves and are looking to take the Central and make a playoff run.  This card was signed in blue fine tip. The signature came back very nice and the card was sent in a top loader and Octavio sent it back in the Top loader which is always cool.  Octavio was one of my favorite pitchers, mostly during his 4 year stent with the Astros.  Nice return!  Thank you Mr. Dotel! 

Andy Ashby (2-2)
Date sent: 3-13-12
Date Received: 3-23-12
Total Days: 10
Addy: Home

Andy Ashby the two time all-star had a 13 year career on the bump mostly for the the San Diego Padres.  This was a nice return based on I watched him pitch at my Padres game in Qualcomm Stadium  (before they moved into Petco).  Andy signed both photo's and they turned out great.  Andy inscribed his number 43 along with his great looking signature.  Thanks Mr. Ashby.

Tony Womack (2-2)
Date sent: 3-13-12
Date Received: 3-23-12
Total Days: 10
Addy: Home

Tony the 1997 all-star and 2001 World Series champ was predominantly known for his glove and especially for the damage he could create on the base pads.  Both photo's turned out perfect.  
Thank you Mr. Womack

Ryan Church (3-3)
Date sent: 3-14-12
Date Received: 3-20-12
Total Days: 6
Addy: Home

Ryan Church was one of my favorite players growing up. Right now the big lefty is a free agent.  Not sure if he is looking to sign or not.  Church is most known for playing with the Mets and Nats.  He was drafted in the 14th round in 2000 by Cleveland.   Everything came out great with a nice auto and inscribed number.  Thank you much Mr. Church.

Nyjer Morgan (1-1)
Date sent: 3-7-12
Date Received: 3-19-12
Total Days: 12
Addy: Brewers s/t

Nyjer Known for his speed has helped as a utility outfielder for the brew crew.  Nyjer was also a very good hockey player and got to the Junior level.  The auto is very small but i'll take it,  The card came back in great shape.  Thank you Mr. Morgan.

Edwin Jackson(1-1)
Date sent: 3-7-12
Date Received: 3-17-12
Total Days: 10
Addy: Nationals s/t

A very nice return here from the 2009 all-star and 2011 World Series Champ.  Edwin is currently hurling for the Nationals who I think might really make some noise this year in the NL.  Edwin signed my 2011 Topp's and the card came back in perfect condition.  Thanks alot Mr. Jackson.

Randy Wolf (1-1)
Date sent: 3-7-12
Date Received: 3-14-12
Total Days: 7
Addy: M's s/t

Chone Figgins the utility man has a had a good career so far. 2009 all-star and 2002 World series champ had a rough go around last year at the plate for the M's but still is a career .280 hitter.  Thanks for your time Mr. Figgins.

Randy Wolf (1-1)
Date sent: 3-7-12
Date Received: 3-14-12
Total Days: 7
Addy: Brewers s/t

Randy Wolf has been one of my Favorite pitchers for a long time. He has been playing for the last two years for the Brew Crew which is even better. The lefty 2003 all-star has had a good 13 year career.  Thanks a-lot Mr.Wolf!

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