Monday, September 17, 2012

Zac Rinaldo

Zac Rinaldo (6-1)
RECEIVED: 8-21-12
ADDY: C/O Flyers

Zac Rinaldo was drafted 178th overall in the 2008 draft by the Philadelphia Flyers.  Zac has played in a total of 66 games at the NHL level and 7 during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Rhino is known as a very physical grinder that will drop the gloves at any time.  Rinaldo is one of my favorite young NHLers to watch in the league based on the excitement he creates with his hitting ability.  Zac added 5 cards to the one I sent to him, and he also payed for the shipping based on he took is back to Canada with him.  This was one of my favorite returns yet  from the young enforcer!


  1. WOW! He threw in an extra 5 cards? That's amazing.

  2. Ya, it was a pretty cool return from the Rhino