Friday, September 21, 2012

Dion Phaneuf

Dion Phaneuf (4-4)
RECEIVED: 9-11-12
ADDY: C/O Home

The current Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, was drafted 9th overall in the 2003 draft by the Flames.  Dion was traded in a 7 man deal to the Leafs in 2010.  Pheneuf is a 3 time All-Star game participant, and was a 1st team All-Star during the 07'-08' season where he had 60 points from the Blue Line in which 17 or those points lit the lamp.  Dion is known as one of the hardest hitters in the NHL along with having the ability to drop serous bombs from the point.  Dion signed and inscribed with his number 3 all four of my cards and where returned in great condition.  Thank you Mr. Phaneuf.

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