Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Arron Asham

Arron Asham (1-1)
RECEIVED: 8-20-12
ADDY: C/O Home

Arron Asham was drafted 71st overall in the 1996 NHL draft.  Asham is currently a member of the New York Rangers.  July 1st the Rangers signed the free agent to a two year deal.  As soon as Asham plays his first game with the Blue shirts he have will played with every team in the Atlantic Division.  Asham is mostly a 3rd to 4th Line player now days, known for his big hitting, a big shot, no nonsense hockey that will fit right in with John Tortorella's style and oh ya he is not afraid to drop the gloves.  I sent Arron a Pittsburgh jersey crest since he was apart of the Pens at the time I sent the crest.  Asham was kind enough to sign it perfectly and return it back to me.  Thank you Mr. Asham.


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