Friday, March 30, 2012

Teddy Purcell

Teddy Purcell (1-1)
DATE SENT:     2-14-12
RECEIVED:       3-28-12

Edward Purcell is in his 5th full year at the NHL Level and is currently a winger for the Tampa Bay Lightning.  I sent Teddy a Victory rookie card and this was one of the first TTM's I ever sent and I later figured out really the best way to send them after trial and error and Teddy's TTM was not sent properly and it came back a little beat up.  Teddy signed the card in Silver ink witch on the black card looks really nice.  He also inscribed the card with his number 16.  Good return nice card and sig just wish I knew then what I know now about how to send the TTM so it returns in great shape.  Thank you Mr. Purcell.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale (1-1)
DATE SENT:     3-14-12
RECEIVED:       3-26-12
TOTAL DAYS:  12!! 
ADDY: C/O Pen's

Joe Vitale was 195th pick in the 2005 draft.  Vitale the ex Sioux Falls Stampede Center-men is in his 2nd season for the Pen's at the NHL level.  Joe inscribed "Rob all the best" along with his number 46.  The Score Hot Rookies card came back in great shape and the auto turned out great.  Thank alot Mr. Vitale.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jordin Tootoo

Jordin Tootoo (2-2)
DATE SENT:     3-9-12
RECEIVED:       3-27-12
TOTAL DAYS:  18!! 
ADDY: Home

Jordin Tootoo the  98th overall pick in the 2001 draft has been a career long winger for the Predators.  Jordin only 5 foot 9 inches is always working hard every shift and really likes to throw the body around, pretty much the whole preds team style I guess.  Jordin inscribed his Number 22 and both auto turned out great and cards in mint condition.  Thank you Mr. Tootoo

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Matt Read

Matt Read (2-2)
DATE SENT:     3-16-12
RECEIVED:       3-26-12
TOTAL DAYS:  10!! 
ADDY: C/O Flyer's Skate Zone

Matt Read played his college hockey at BSU in Minnesota.  He was undrafted and signed as a free agent with the Flyer.  It is safe to say that Read is having a great rookie season with 22 goals and 22 helpers and is a big part of the success that the Flyers have been having this season.  Both rookie cards came back in perfect condition and both were inscribed with his number 24.  It is safe to say this is probably my best Rookie card return (maybe a little Minnesota biased lol).  Matt is going to have a great career if he continues to improve on his great freshmen season.  Thank you Mr. Read!

Nick Spaling

Nick Spaling (2-2)
DATE SENT:     3-16-12
RECEIVED:       3-26-12
ADDY: C/O Preds

Nick was drafted 58th overall in the 2007 draft.  Nick is currently centering for the Nashville Predators who are having a very good season and look to make a run this year if Pekka can hold up between the Pipes.  Both Photo came back perfect  and inscribed one to me and with his number 13.  Thanks Mr. Spaling

Eric Lacroix

Eric Lacroix (2-2)
DATE SENT:     3-16-12
RECEIVED:       3-23-12
ADDY: C/O Av's

Eric Lacroix had a 8 year Career in the NHL.  Mostly known for playing with the Rangers and Avalanche.  Eric is currently the Director of Hockey Operations for the Av's and word is might be the next GM.  Both photo's came back in 7 days in perfect shape.  Thank you Mr. Lacroix. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Scott Clemmensen

Scott Clemmensen (3-3)
DATE SENT:     2-20-12
RECEIVED:       3-21-12

Scott Clemmenson the Iowa native has had a 11 year career between the pipes and is currently backing up Jose Theodore for the Panthers.  He did a good job when Jose went down hurt this year in keeping his team in playoff contention.  All three cards came back in great condition.  I think the marker he used was a little dry ether way good return also inscribed each different jersey number according to the card (NJ and FLA).  Thank you Mr. Clemmensen.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rick DiPietro

Rick DiPietro (2-2)
DATE SENT:     3-8-12
RECEIVED:       3-20-12
TOTAL DAYS:   12 !!!!
ADDY: C/O NYI Practice Facility 

Rick is one of my favorite goalies. The FIRST overall pick in 2000 is currently hurt. I am a big Islanders fan (from MN and didnt always have a team and will NEVER cheer for the STARS they unless they are the NORTH STARS).  This is my second attempt, the first one was sent to his home and was a write off.  This next one was to the Practice facility and only took 12 days ! WOW.  This is a great return if not my best!  Rick inscribed "To Rob, All my best" along with his 39.  Both cards came back in great shape and the Auto is perfect. Great return!! THANK you Mr. DiPietro (get healthy and back to stopping the rubber!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nino Niederreiter

Nino Niederreiter (1-1)
DATE SENT:     3-8-12
RECEIVED:       3-19-12
TOTAL DAYS:   11 !!!!
ADDY: C/O NYI Practice Facility 

This was a very fast return from a very talented young player who is figuring out how to play in the NHL.  Nino has under performed his expectations but I really think he will become a first round draft pick type player in the future.  Nino was taken 5th overall in the 2010 darft.  I was pumped about this return only thing it he used a really thick marker or just really pushed hard lol im not sure but still a nice return.  Nino inscribed " To Rob, All The Best" along with his number.  Thanks alot Mr. Niederreiter.

Andrew MacDonald

Andrew MacDonald (1-1)
DATE SENT:     2-20-12
RECEIVED:       3-18-12
TOTAL DAYS:   29 !!!!
ADDY: C/O NYI practice facility 

Andrew is a currently a defenseman with the Isles.  Andrew was drafted in 2006, and played his entire career with the Isles.  This was a great return based on the I am a big Islanders fan! He signed a gold Fleer rookie card.  The auto came out not to bad this was a ttm send out before I started using baby powder to prep my cards.  Anyways the card came back in great condition.  Thanks alot Mr. MacDonald

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mathieu Garon

Mathieu Garon (3-3)
DATE SENT:     2-22-12
RECEIVED:       3-17-12
TOTAL DAYS:   26 !!!!
ADDY: C/O Bolts

Mathieu Garon is currently the number one right now for the Tampa Bay Lightning.  All three cards came back in great shape.  The Bowman Chrome is a little tough to see the auto but yet again the O-Pee-Chee comes through again.  Thanks alot Mr. Garon.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Steve Shutt

                                           Steve Shutt (1/1)
DATE SENT:     2-20-12
RECEIVED:       3-16-12
TOTAL DAYS:   25 !!!!
ADDY: Alabama address  

1993 Hall of Famer Mr. Steve Shutt was the 4th overall pick in the 1972 draft.  In his 14 year NHL Career mostly with the Habs he had over 800 points!  Mr. Shutt inscribed his number along with addressing the card to  Rob.  This card came back in great shape,  I really think i am going to start buying all O-Pee-Chee cards for TTM-ing based on the cards need no prepping and they sign great and hold up like a champ.  I regret not having him put HOF 1993 but still this is a great return from an all time great of the NHL.  Thank you Mr. Shutt. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Henrik Zetterberg

Henrik Zetterberg (2/2)
DATE SENT:     2-23-12
RECEIVED:       3-12-12
TOTAL DAYS:   18 !!!!

This Is my best Return as of yet!  I have to give credit where it is due for help on the ADDY (Thanks Michael) for this TTM.  Mr. Zetterberg is one of the Great Forwards in the NHL.  All Rookie Team in '03, Conn Smythe '08.  Zetterberg was drafted 210th overall by the WINGs in 1999.  He was been one of the backbones for WINGs hockey for a long time and has had a great career so far and still getting it done with almost 60 points so far with about a month left in the season.  This auto turned out great, this is not a stamp as you can tell each auto is not exactly the same, and checks out against his other certified autos.  Great Pick UP! Only a 18 day wait! Thank you Mr. Zetterberg! 

Shea Weber

Shea Weber (2/2) : 
DATE SENT:     2-27-12
RECEIVED:       3-12-12
TOTAL DAYS:   14 !!!!

Really Pumped about this return people! Shea Weber the Captain for the PREDs, and the most impressive part is that it came in only 14 days WOW.  Shea Weber is a 3 time All-Star for the Preds.  This year he came up 2nd in the hardest shot only to the the biggest man in the NHL again,  BIG Z from Boston.  Great return! You are a class act Mr. Weber.

Scott Hartnell

Scott Hartnell(3/3) : 
DATE SENT:     2-23-12
RECEIVED:       3-12-12

Scott Hartnell is one of my all time favorites.  This year himself and the Flyers are leading the league in Power Play scoring and OPPs, and I think its safe to say that Scotty Heartbreak is the master of the power play in the NHL this year.  Gotta love the hair was and was pumped to see him at the All-Star game this year in Ottawa.  All three cards came out great.  Scott signed them all in black sharpie.  Good return! Thank you Mr. Hartnell.

Ryan Suter

Ryan Suter (2/2) : 
DATE SENT:     2-21-12
RECEIVED:       3-12-12

Ryan Suter a top line Defenseman paired with Shea Weber.  Ryan is American born hockey player!  He was selected 1st round 7th overall by the Preds in the '03 draft.  Ryan was Selected to his first All-Star game this year in Ottawa.  The Preds are having a good year so far much to do with the play of this man at the point.  Both cards were signed in red sharpie and turned out great.  he even tried the keep the auot on his rookie card on the white jersey so it would show up (class act).  Thanks Mr. Suter.  Sorry about the photo's ill try to scan them later.

Daniel Paille

Daniel Paille (2/2) : 
DATE SENT:     2-21-12
RECEIVED:       3-12-12

Mr. Paille is Canadian born winger for the  Bruins. He was drafted 1st round 20th overall by Sabres in  '02.  Daniel is known for being a Quality man on the kill.  Both O-Pee-Chee's were signed in black sharpie, inscribed with his number 20.  Thanks a-lot Mr. Paille. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ben Lovejoy

Ben Lovejoy (1/1) : 
DATE SENT:     2-22-12
RECEIVED:       3-9-12

Solid and sound defensive defenseman for the PENs.  Lovejoy was signed as a Rookie free agent in 2008.  The card was signed in Blue sharpie also inscribing his number 6.  This Rookie card came back without and nicks or marks! The new setup for SASE envelopes that really works, this was one of the first TTMs I used it on.  I think after the shape of the return I am going to have to stick with it!  Thanks Mr. Lovejoy, Pens are on a roll right now as we approach the end of the regular season.  Looking to make a Cup run.

Ben Lovejoy: 2010 Fleer Ultra Silver RC

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dmitry Kulikov

Dmitry Kulikov (1/1) 
This is my FIRST TTM!  
DATE SENT:     2-13-12
RECEIVED:       3-1-12
ADDY: C/O Florida Panthers

Dmitri is a young Russian defenseman who is currently playing with the
Florida Panthers(on IR right now) who are sitting in the drivers seat in the Southeast and 3rd in the Eastern Conference.  He was drafted 14th overall in 2009 by Florida.  He singed a Victory Rookie card with ballpoint pen.  The card got a little beat up on its journey back to the Midwest but still a good return from a good young player.  Thank you much Dmitry.  I guess now I am a Kulikov fan for life.