Friday, March 23, 2012

Scott Clemmensen

Scott Clemmensen (3-3)
DATE SENT:     2-20-12
RECEIVED:       3-21-12

Scott Clemmenson the Iowa native has had a 11 year career between the pipes and is currently backing up Jose Theodore for the Panthers.  He did a good job when Jose went down hurt this year in keeping his team in playoff contention.  All three cards came back in great condition.  I think the marker he used was a little dry ether way good return also inscribed each different jersey number according to the card (NJ and FLA).  Thank you Mr. Clemmensen.


  1. I think he's been using the same marker for a few years now. I haven't seen a return in the past few years for him where it a fresh marker was used. I got the same sigs as well.

  2. haha ya they look alot alike don't they. Hey like your site a lot i check it out quite often. nice to see people actually check out my blog haha.

  3. hey 4got to ask. you mind if i throw ur link on my page? Feel free to do the same if its cool with you.


  4. You can link to my blog. I'll add your site to the blog list on my page