Tuesday, January 8, 2013

PK Subban


RECEIVED: 1-08-13 




PK Subban is one of the premiere young Blue-Liners in the NHL today.  Subban is the total package from the point he has a huge shot and his hitting ability is among the top in the NHL.  PK is also willing to drop the mitts for his team when needed.  This has to be one the Top Returns I have ever received and is the top of this TTM season no doubt.  PK signed all three of my cards and inscribed them according to the jersey number on the card PK signed these cards through the TSN sports station, where he was a sports news anchor.  I am very lucky to get these back based on he will be no longer with TSN since the NHL lockout was lifted and players are starting to report back to there respected NHL teams.  GREAT return!



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