Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jason Spezza

Jason Spezza (2-2)
DATE SENT:     2-16-12
RECEIVED:       4-3-12

Jason Spezza.  This was a great return that I never thought i would get back for two reasons.  First, I put american forever stamps on the return envelope totally forgetting that the stamps had no money value printed on them.  Second, is not really a reason for getting it back but getting it back in a little over a month.  Spezza was the 2nd overall pick in 2001 for the SENs and is a two time All-Star for the Sens.  The Sens are having a good year and if there goaltending can hold up which they did improve on a-lot at the trade deadline, they can do some damage with all those scorers.  Both cards came back in great shape and were inscribed with his number on both.  Great return from my favorite Canadian team.  Thank you Mr. Spezza. 

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