Thursday, April 5, 2012

Travis Zajac

Travis Zajac (4-3)
DATE SENT:     3-2-12
RECEIVED:       4-3-12
ADDY: NJ  Devils

Travis Zajac with the 20th overall pick in 2004 for the Devils out of the WCHA power house ND Fighting Sioux.  Zajac was my first return from the Devils organization, which I heard were not the best signing team.  Also Travis was the first athlete to add cards to my return.  I sent three card and it came back with four.  All cards came out great and all inscribed to me except the duplicate card.  The Devils are having a good year so far and I really think they will go as far as Marty takes them.  They have plenty of Offense which Zajac is very apart of.  Thank you Mr. Zajac.

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  1. Nice blog and sweet ttm return so far. I have followed you and put you on my blog list. So Just to return the favor of add my hockey card blog to your site. I am also a hockey ttm'er.